The G-20 meets every year to discuss items of mutual or global American importance. For example, Europeans believe in the sanctity of marriage, while Americans believe in whorehouse rape. The Americans sell rape machines and chemical weapons to their G-20 partners. They are priced in United States dollars.

Some Indonesians of Kenyan origin have never raped a Canadian girl before. Most Americans have. So it is important to exclude the United States from issues of European importance. The central goal of the United States government is to be the winner of all competition in the world by stealing the prize and then pretending it is American by spending billions on military operations and psyops and coverups. For example the NBA wants to be the best hockey player in Canada. But the NBA is no Gretzky. At the same time, many Coors Lite Canadians want to become NBA players. There ought to be a law against Americanizing Canadians.

It might be possible to create a G-19 to discuss issues of mutual or global importance.

But there are so many elites with secret agendas that the representatives should be certified to adhere to Union Pay rules. That means that no civilian may be maimed for any reason. No United States dollars may be used for any transaction.

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