The United States is smaller than Europe and Asia combined.Yet the United States thinks it can rape any child in the United Americas of Europe and Asia. The United States is harboring terrorist officials within its borders.

Targets[edit | edit source]

Where are the various elements of power within the 2009 G20 located?[edit | edit source]

Where is the School of the Americas located?[edit | edit source]

Were any of the elements of power outside the borders of the United States seen accepting United States dollars as payment for 'services rendered'?

Indonesia: Rapists pose as FCC Politicians of Faith[edit | edit source]

A mutant ninja baby is said to have been forced to endure a horrific sexual attack.

As the G-20 prepares to meet in Puerto Rico to sell crack with Barry From DC, the civilians of the world are aware of the human rights abuses and maiming against them. Billions of them: Civilians have a right and an obligation to defend themselves. Corrupt politicians and their minions do not. They must step down. Civilians who have not been protected reserve all rights. Civilians are not human shields for corrupt officials. Corrupt politicians and their partners in rape must be dealt with severely.

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