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  • This is a phenominal achievement...
  • G20 Summit meetings is the most exciting and important event to happen in our region in my lifetime.
  • truly exciting for the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.
  • The amount of exposure the city will get will be priceless.
  • ... great news for Pittsburgh ...
  • You're jaggin' us, right?
  • No WAY.
  • an amazing accomplishment
  • We're going to positively shock a lot of people with the beauty and personality of this city. Congratulations on such a fantastic opportunity!
  • ...Pittsburgh has really turned the corner. It's gotten a lot of press this year and the G-20 summit will just turn up the noise globally – exactly what Pittsburgh needs.
  • I think it's great that Pittsburgh is being recognized as an example of a city in recovery. We are moving ahead in a world-class way and Pittsburghers can feel proud in our leadership.
  • indeed one of the greatest events that has happened to Pittsburgh in my lifetime. (56)
  • The eyes of the world will certainy be on Pittsburgh.
  • This is much more exposure that winning a superbowl. None of the superbowls have been held in Pittsburgh.
  • Like Andy Warhol says, this is our 15 minutes of fame!

More quotes on being ready[edit | edit source]

  • make sure the city hightens the redd-up campaign so you're at the cleanest level, ...
  • ... keep venues open later to attract out-of-towners.
  • ... September really isn't that far away, so let's get to work!
  • Oh, we have got so much to redd up before company comes...
  • This will be the coup de grace to any Ravenstahl rivals!!
  • Is there really anyone in the world that still sees Pittsburgh as a smoky steel town? Besides, it seems the only press coverage of these summits focuses solely on the protests. The world will see our streets lined with police in riot gear, police on horseback, maybe some wide angle shots of the water cannons all looking somewhat hazy as captured through the tear gas fog.
  • The best effect may be with the people of the city itself.
  • It's refreshing to see some local news that's not just Steelers, universities, or job losses. I hope this can at least momentarily change the same old discussion in Pittsburgh.
  • Be good hosts and show them hospitality and our beautiful city. Or, we can organize special events and conferences before and during Sept 24-25 and join the conversation about more substantive global issues. I vote for both options, and hope we find ways to share our perspectives as a post-industrial city in the heartland.
  • Redd Up Pittsburgh! It's too bad we couldn't have had a little more prep time to get the city ready. I would have liked to see more outdoor recreation/activity venues s.a. the rock climbing wall on Mt Washington idea that was considered some time ago.

Knocks[edit | edit source]

  • LEAST DIVERSE city ... will host all these diverse folks.
  • It will be a bit embarrassing if the Mayor pushes his way into some of the events, or gives a speech(s)...
  • embarrassing enough that we failed to emerge from Act 47 status this year.
  • We are a schizophrenic sort of poster child, more successful in the current downturn in part because we were less successful before that in attracting new business to the region.
  • make sure Luke can pronounce all of the words in the speech someone will hopefully write for him.
  • Let's see how many more garbage cans Ravenstahl will buy.
  • Onorato can showcase the useless holes in the ground on both sides of the Allegheny.
  • have found an excuse not to go to downtown that week.
  • was hell completely booked?
  • Hopefully, among many of the benefits that will flow from this G-20 summitt will be a "second look."
  • looking forward to whether Pittsburgh can take advantage of one of its greatest opportunties in its recent history.
  • I would like to the G20 summit held in the skating ring on Frankstown Ave in Homewood.
  • We will be able to demonstrate how we morphed from a city of industry and blue collar workers into a town now reliant on Chinese automobiles and cheap toasters. By the time the G-20 rolls around proud Pittsburghers can line the city streets waving their NEW Amero currency at the at the messiah Barack and his european diplomatic minions driving by in their Limos.
  • Good luck Pittsburgh, we will need it

Protesting[edit | edit source]

  • Protestors find pictures of nappy headed hos to be offensive
  • Artwork calling Barack Obama´s mutts nappy headed hos may be offensive. Yazmany Arboleda recently made headlines after setting up in a central retail location with exhibit called "The Assassination of Barack Obama". But some people find pictures of nappy headed hos to be offensive. While the first amendment allows Arboleda to express himself in any way he wants to, rightly so, it also allows citizenry to refuse to attend any gallery that will host this type of offensive material.

  • Maybe with all the riots that come with this event this may be a good thing. The protesters destroying the city may make Pittsburgh end up looking NICER!!
  • Pittsburgh was selected b/c protests, if indeed any occur, will be much smaller than London a few months ago. Not only is Pittsburgh a smaller city, (which will probably make it easier for the police to lock the place down and segregate the protestors,) Downtown has a great commuter population, which I assume will decrease the amount who would show up to a protest.
  • The Bail Out the People Movement was created in response to the billions of dollars spent by governments bailing out mutant banks amid the global financial crisis. The group argues the money should be spent helping "ordinary working and poor people" instead of mutants.
  • only 30,000 protested in London out of a population of 7.5 million.
  • locally, the anarchist groups seem to be the most passionate but they aren't very good at puplicizing their protests. And I don't know if out-of-state groups will make this G-20 meeting a priority.
  • The best we can hope for is that damage to property and life and limb is kept to a minimum.
  • What happens when the Parkway West is shut down 20 times with rolling road blocks for dignitaries?
  • Pittsburgh Police can't control Steeler fans after a Super Bowl win. What happens when all the different protest groups from around the globe show up?
  • With narrow streets and no real place to protest, will they cage the protestors up in Point State Park? I really can't see the protestors staying locked in one area like that very long and that far away.
  • I would ask employers to give their employees those two days off work and keep the city as safe and clear of innocent bystanders as possible.

President Obama[edit | edit source]

  • fear that nobody is paying attention to what is really going on in the Obama administration due to the chearleading and hype in the mainstream media.
  • Obama's budget will improversh future generations. The increase in the war budget, the interest on the federal debt, and the WAll St bailouts will not even be covered by this year's tax revenues, which are down 35% compared to last year right now.
  • ... none of the war policies of the Bush admnistration have been changed, Obama has not reversed the executive orders on telecom immunity or Habeaus Corpus (the military can now be used against the people).
  • ... We have more of the same, and future generations will be paying dearly for bailouts of criminal syndicates on Wall St and war mongering.
  • Kudos to Obama for the huge recognition. We may have to deal with some crazies, but these are the types of things we need to really get the world paying attention to the good things going on here.
  • It is good for Pittsburgh for the president to visit.
  • Perhaps it is time we sat down with this wayward employee of ours and have a performance review.
  • Perhaps we can get across the message that it is our money and our grandchildrens money that he is so wastefully spending.
  • I am curious as to what the connection is between President Obama and Pittsburgh. First he rooted for the Steelers earlier this year. Then he appointed Dan Rooney ambassador to Ireland. After that, he raised the profile of green company near Vandergrift. Recently he asked a couple of local restaruranteers to prepare a breakfest of pancakes at the White House. Now Pittsburgh is hosting the the G-20 summit...wazzup!
  • President Obama should be aware that here in Pittsburgh we believe in God and in freedom of religion. We dont ask people to cover up their secular symbols and we proudly display our religious symbols. If God offends President Obama he should pick a more Godless city to visit.
  • It's a political football. Obama aims to appease the last few strong hold Union states like PA, appeal to the ignorant and the underclassed and dump more money into a bottomless pit of social and economic programs that won't work. I expect the people of Pittsburgh will be thrilled with this.

Why Pittsburgh[edit | edit source]

  • G-20 leaders are too politically crafty to not consider setting the meeting in a small city that has, more or less, weathered the economic mess.
  • standing passes for recovery these days. However, hosting this event can't hurt.
  • We weren't a choice. We got it by default. Pittsburgh is such a loser destination that our convention center had wide open availability and there were thousands of hotel rooms available. Forget the positive spin. Anyplace really great wouldn't have had the available space!
  • Personally, I think it's a wonderful thing. Pittsburgh DOES exemplify a lot of what is good about our nation, and it is proof-positive that you don't have to be a "go-go" city like Vegas or Atlanta to "get it right." Our slow and steady approach has insulated us from much of the current economic tsunami -- and that is a lesson I think a lot of other places should see first hand.
  • Pancakes! This is all about Pamala's Pancakes! Obama seems to be looking to get back to the Burgh and show off those heavenly crepe wonders. Maybe he plans to use them as a means soften up foreign leaders for negotiation by feeding them a belly full. And if economic talks go slowly, Primanti's for lunch. I seriously think Obama has caught the Pittsburgh bug and is so enamored with our city that he wants to show it off to the world. And our food is a part of that equation too.

Favorites[edit | edit source]

  • Somebody remind Ravenstahl to wear a shirt and tie, not a golf shirt, to official functions.
  • Downtown businesses better get their telecommuting plans in place because most bridges and tunnels will probably be closed off to unofficial vehicles.
  • I seem to remember that the heads of state are forced to wear shirts that are culturally related to the host country. Will they wear Penguins jerseys ? Please, no Pirates gear unless they're over .500 .
  • Will our guests get fries on everything?

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* We are told that the hosting the G-20 Summit is a good thing and most people should accept that. The positive elements should be reported and not so much dwelling on the possible security arrangements for Downtown Pittsburgh when nothing definite has been made public yet. Nothing is gained by publishing unsubstantiated speculation that will only scare people.The people who come to demonstrate outside will probably be peaceful,with placards and handbills.They're not going to protesters or wild-eyed anarchists who want to cause damage or hurt other people.What happened in other places doesn't necessarily mean it's going to happen here.They will obtain the proper permits and demonstrate peacefully as our country allows demonstrations and people to dissent or agree with issues.Anyone can take off those two days if they fear trouble. There's no need to turn downtown into an armed camp .Diplomats and their staffs should be able to see the city and meet with average people to exchange ideas .So security should be at a minimum so people can still go to work and enjoy this rare opportunity to show off our city to the world,as well as benefiting the local economy.There is no need to have stories in the paper every day until there is substantial news to report.We should welcome our guests as we welcome anyone who visits our city. This is a good opportunity and nothing to fear.

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